tree meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tree meaning in tamil is மரம்

tree meaning in tamil with example

tree tamil meaning and more example for tree will be given in tamil.
At least 20 trees would be required to generate 15 tonnes of fuel wood making it essential for a person to raise 15 trees around his site before constructing house compensate the tree loss. 300 it would be handed over to a SelfHelp Group along with five tree saplings and the group should maintain the trees for three years. A tree nymph butterfly Hestia lynceus danaidae making a perfect touchdown on a bunch of nectarfilled blooms. Caps made of palm leaf tablemats from plantain tree fibre handloom mats coir mats cane curtain and paintings are also available at the fair. While a twowheeler skidded near the Tiruvanmiyur bus depot at around 1 a.m. a car hit a tree on North Usman Road at around 4.25 a.m. No serious injuries were reported. There are also fallen tree branches piled up near the old nephrology building and stray dogs roam inside the premises which is otherwise quite impressive. Three persons were killed and two persons were injured when the sports utility vehicle in which they were travelling from Begur village hit a roadside tree near Harandahalli on National Highway 4 on Saturday. The B.V.K. College in association with the Dolphin Nature Conservation Society and R.C.D. Government Hospital organised a tree plantation programme at the biodiversity park at the hospital premises on Monday. Farmers in the area fight nature by planting tree branches and bushes in rows across their fields to prevent the sand depositing. In subsequent phases farmers owning private land would be encouraged to take up fruit tree plantation.