treacherous meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
treacherous meaning in tamil is துரோகமுள்ள, ஏமாற்றுகிற, நம்பத்தகாத

treacherous meaning in tamil with example

treacherous tamil meaning and more example for treacherous will be given in tamil.
The proposed appointment is a treacherous act of the department without the approval or the knowledge of the Chief Minister and Endowments Minister he said in a statement. Randhawa however did not have a dream debut at the treacherous course and his round of 75 could not see him through. Four adventure sports enthusiasts from Mysore including a woman were part of the tenmember group of cyclists that successfully pedalled the steep and treacherous Himalayan terrains to reach the Jalori Pass located at an altitude of 10930 ft. Such brazen attitude and treacherous action are not only an insult to the Sumi Naga tribe civil societies through whose positive efforts these initiatives were made but are more of selfforfeiture of our trust and therefore we hold ourselves not bound by any such farcical imposition. Not happy about driving along treacherous roads in luxurious cars managing their business and going around their constituencies some of the mine ownerturned politicians here have opted for helicopters. Senthil Kumar had documented Dhasera festival which celebrates the killing of a treacherous demon by the Goddess Kali a native tribal deity. The treacherous road was regarded as a death trap in view of the number of accidents that took place there. These days when people find it hard to trek a mile here is a group of 97 Ayyappa devotees who have embarked upon a treacherous 1148 kilometres journey from Secunderabad to Sabarimala on foot. But when it comes to transporting their rations and equipment the police uses Chenchus extensively to carry heavy head loads trekking treacherous forest paths being their forte.