transition meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
transition meaning in tamil is ஒன்றிலிருந்து மற்றொன்றுக்குச் செல்லுதல், மாறுதல்.

transition meaning in tamil with example

transition tamil meaning and more example for transition will be given in tamil.
This transition to solving problems and creating solutions specifically for emerging markets is as significant a move for global innovation quadrant 2 to 3 as the earlier shift. Security arrangements Five star hotels despite threats hurled by anonymous letters and callers had made arrangements to make the transition from one year to another as smooth as ever. I am only six years into politics and I have made the transition from being a tonguetied MLA to a Minister. He said this was perceived to be important for the agreements reached in the Uruguay Round allowed developing countries a 10year transition period to adopt the provisions of Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights TRIPS. At the Indian Chamber of Commerce Industry Mr.Antony said the VAT implementation was going through a transition phase. It is a transition 151 a turning point from materiality to spirituality in human life 151 in which nature shows the way to spiritual transformation. Teachers admit that the situation has crystallised to a situation that is beyond redemption and are left with the hopes for a smooth transition in the interests of students. Noting that the film about funseeking wanderers who reach a transition finding meaning in their lives Aamir added that the film lays emphasis on taking pride in ones beliefs. While genes are an important factor in determining a persons susceptibility to putting on weight the behaviour patterns societal changes and worldwide nutrition transition are driving the obesity epidemic.