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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
transferable meaning in tamil is இடமாற்றம், சொத்து மாற்றம், மாற்றுப்பத்திரம்

transferable meaning in tamil with example

transferable tamil meaning and more example for transferable will be given in tamil.
The elections of President and VicePresident under Articles 55 and 66 respectively are held in accordance with the principle of proportional representation by means of a single transferable vote and by secret ballot. Even now it is the practice of Members of each House of Parliament to elect from among themselves some to serve in Parliamentary Committees in accordance with the principle of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote. He asserted that some owners in the first reach did meet him with an offer to give away their structures in return for either additional Floor Area Ratio FAR or Floor Space Index FSI through transferable development rights. Rosaiah has said the Government will soon take a decision on making the class four employees in Government hospitals transferable to ensure discipline among them. The petitioner said it represented hundreds of unaided public schools seeking affiliation to the CBSE in the interest of the children of government servants with transferable jobs who might otherwise have to contend with different syllabi and different courses being followed in various States. While asking the officials to create awareness and educate the public on Transferable Development Rights TDR he directed them to explore avenues for publicprivate partnerships in all sectors. TDR on 11 roads Reiterating that the civic body would create awareness and educate people on Transferable Development Rights TDR Mr. However unlike in the case of merchandise exports the entitlement of duty scrips and the goods imported and presumably goods procured domestically too are not transferable except within service providers of a group company and managed hotels in terms of Para of the FTP.