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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tram meaning in tamil is தெருத் தொடர் உந்து

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To this the Chief Justice asked Can you furnish materials to show that monorail is treated as tram anywhere in the world He further observed that if it was railway the State Government could not proceed with it. Giant koalas running amok a flying tram and a performing duck took centre stage on Wednesday as Melbourne staged an elaborate but lighthearted opening ceremony for the 18th Commonwealth Games. From there the show verged towards the surreal with a green Melbourne tram carriage sporting huge white wings soaring above the stadium on an elaborate rigging system giant koalas in yfront underpants and a performing duck. Last month in Quang Ngai province where Tram perished in 1970 at age 27 after refusing to surrender to U.S. troops during a skirmish officials broke ground for a medical clinic visitors centre and statue in her honour. In the 36 months covered in the journals Tram was forced to dismantle and rebuild her operating theatre six times regrouping in increasingly remote mountainous terrain often carrying out the wounded on her back. Blatter is a marketing person who knows how to force the name FIFA on every tram and on every stadium in this World Cup and how to force Dutch fans to take off their orange shorts which were supplied by a nonsponsor beer. Reports on the first electric train the commissioning of the MadrasTambaram railway line the introduction of trams and photographs of the first tram being hauled from the ship to the city have been reported in Tamil newspapers of that time.