tin meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tin meaning in tamil is ஈயம், தகரம்

tin meaning in tamil with example

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At the bottom of the three layers is a roof made of the Ekra or Ikora reed Erianthus ravannae which in turn is covered with a tin roof. For all the universality of football for all the images of kids deftly dribbling tin cans in raucous side streets across the planet the cup has remained the domain of Europe and South America. Visits Tin Bigha Corridor PTI reports from Siliguri Mr. The Home Minister who is on a threeday visit to north Bengal earlier visited the Tin Bigha Corridor in Coochbehar district. It was in St Pauls church 151 a dilapidated tin shack on the banks of the Nile in Uganda 151 before the Gleneagles summit in July that I risked asking the congregation what they wanted. The Bolivian President 151 an Ayamara Indian and the first Native American in more than 200 years to rule in the region 151 draws support from small farmers who depend on cocoa cultivation for their livelihood following the collapse of the countrys tin industry. Now the representative of Bolivias farmers tin miners and coca growers of indigenous ancestry is to wear the presidential sash and seek their incorporation into political life. It would also extend the one light scheme at a cost of Rs. 3.60 crore to provide free power for three lakh more hutment dwellers living in houses within 250 sq ft having tiled asbestos and tin sheet roofs. During Sundays arrest the police recovered two tin bombs a countrymade revolver three electronic detonators and a book with telephone numbers. When anybody starts to mention the words new paradigm as they were in Davos this week it is a good idea to get the tin helmet out of the cupboard 151 just in case.