timeline meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
timeline meaning in tamil is காலவரிசை

timeline meaning in tamil with example

timeline tamil meaning and more example for timeline will be given in tamil.
Oli also offered the first timeline for plans to rewrite the constitution saying a constituent assembly within 12 months and within 18 months a constitution will be formulated. Burns the assessment of the Bush Administration about the timeline the crucial deal is likely to be passed by the Congress sources told PTI here. No timeline was formally set but officials in Tokyo later hinted that the pullout would be completed in about two months. A timeline of about two months for the pullout was indicated and it was no music to the U.S. leader of the occupation forces in Iraq. At stake are the final four years of space shuttle operations the future of the halfbuilt International Space Station ISS and NASAs own ambitious timeline for returning to the moon aboard a new manned space vehicle by 2018. Earlier in the day authorities set a timeline of three years to set up a countrywide tsunami warning system in the wake of Mondays disaster that struck another part of the Java coastline. Each scene is then placed on a timeline and can be laid down on more than one track of video and audio onto the timeline. Without specifying the timeline for this pledge he said the World Trade Organisation WTO Director General Pascal Lamy had played a critical role in influencing the thinking of the developed bloc on the question of Doha Round resumption. The projects have a timeline beginning January 2007 with the food unit being the first to roll out and the others slated for mid2007 launch. Susilo did not during their talks ask for a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops and their allies from Iraq.