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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tiff meaning in tamil is சிறு பூசல், சச்சரவு

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The tiff between councillors and Commissioner of Mysore City Corporation over the contract for garbage clearance by private parties has taken a new turn with the contractors refusing to clear the garbage in 15 wards of the city till the contractual amount is increased. Mallappa had a tiff with his son Manjunath on Sunday and the latter enraged by his fathers behaviour is reported to have assaulted him with a carpentry tool. Police sources said she might have gone into depression after a tiff with a boyfriend in recent days. Afsar reportedly had a tiff with his neighbour Ghouse a mason when the latter suggested that all residents should equally bear the cost of erecting an electric pole in their street at Indirammanagar of Rasoolpura. Such women who suddenly move out of their houses after a tiff with their husbands or inlaws need a secure place where they can stay till their problem is solved or till they settle somewhere else the sources said. One ViceChancellor was telling the other of how a faculty member caught in a tiff with the varsity had written a letter to him saying that a VC post did not have any powers and that he was only one of the officers of the university. However on the night of December 20 last Aftab allegedly uttered talaq three times in his sleep after a tiff with his wife. It has been overtaken by more popular formats like tiff and jpeg. It was a standalone picture with the heading Feast to the eyes Andhra Pradesh March 28 2006. Four passersby sustained gunshot wounds when a person opened fire following a tiff over a trivial issue with his neighbour at Kalyanpuri in East Delhi on Friday.