syntax meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
syntax meaning in tamil is வசனம் அமைத்தல்

syntax meaning in tamil with example

syntax tamil meaning and more example for syntax will be given in tamil.
Many executives face language problems while drafting a speech or presentation weak grammar and syntax are common even among those with high academic qualifications. I have started learning Dutch on my own interest and it looks like the syntax and grammar are similar to German says Shubasri. However even while the people of each State spoke a different language the syntax of the languages was similar. There are some glaring errors in syntax and grammar but for a beginner these are pardonable and one should laud the spirit behind the venture. Ramanendra Mohapatra reader of English of Khallikote Autonomous College said the present writings are at their best if jugglery of words and syntax are to taken into account.