sympathy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sympathy meaning in tamil is பரிதாபப் படு, இரக்கம், அனுதாபம்

sympathy meaning in tamil with example

sympathy tamil meaning and more example for sympathy will be given in tamil.
Though we will be going there to express our sympathy to the quake victims our visit has a political significance too as we belong to a political forum called the All Parties Hurriyat Conference. They dont like Iran and they are using this for sympathy towards their attitude claiming that they were involved in the murders of our sons... It makes me really angry. The MCD has released the figure to create panic among honest citizens of the Capital and generate sympathy for the violators. Asked if the sympathy factor would work in favour of the Congress candidate the former MLA said that it was for the people to decide. Everyone in the State knew about the drama. With the withdrawal of support to the coalition government the Left parties had no sympathy for Mr. Rajkumar admitted to the police that he had made cuts on the thigh of the child with a knife and had broken his right leg to gain sympathy of the public and to get more money. He had no sympathy for the Congress which appeared intent on an informal tieup with a breakaway group of the JDS the All India Progressive Janata Dal. People with external wounds win our sympathy and attention said Kamal Haasan at a press conference organised at Real Image to announce his participation in the Netru Indru Naalai musical directed by Mani Ratnam on February 5 at Jeppiar Engineering College. Amid this competitive sympathy for Telangana the Congress could have wrested the initiative by taking on board more representatives from the region.