suspicion meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
suspicion meaning in tamil is சந்தேகம்

suspicion meaning in tamil with example

suspicion tamil meaning and more example for suspicion will be given in tamil.
Counsel said the circumstances surrounding the allotment of the shares raised a suspicion that the real beneficiary was the then Minister. Gowda has admonished the coalition Government for such a wrong step bypassing the KPSC. He has said that it will lead to unnecessary confusion and suspicion among the people and the candidates jeopardising their interests. A clicking sound from within the trunk sparked suspicion among the officials who immediately alerted the Mysore City Police. Those days are gone and these cobwebs of suspicion have been blown away by the realities of a modern globalised world. Anilkumar in a statement here said that there is no reason for any anxiety and suspicion about the Sri Lankan President and his wifes visit and darshan at Guruvayur. Mr. The country can ill afford a Law Minister who at the bidding of others or otherwise has given cause for widespread suspicion that he has unclean hands in a case that that has become emblematic of political corruption. The BJP also expressed suspicion over the power cut from 11.30 p.m. to 3.30 a.m. on May 3 2001 the day of the elections in and around the college where the ballot boxes were kept. According to jail authorities Hajira entered the bathroom behind the womens block of the jail at 8 a.m. Jail official broke open the door of the bathroom on suspicion and found her hanging on a piece of cloth from the ventilator of the bathroom. A 44yearold man is alleged to have murdered a person at Kanjhawla in NorthWest Delhi on Tuesday on the suspicion of his having an illicit relationship with his wife.