suspend meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
suspend meaning in tamil is இடைநீக்கம்

suspend meaning in tamil with example

suspend tamil meaning and more example for suspend will be given in tamil.
It is inconceivable it observed that power to suspend or expel a member of either House should be exercisable by the Courts or some other outside body. They were urging the authorities to suspend DEO Ramalingam for committing malpractices in counselling of teachers and transfers. Then the event was delayed due to the decision of Association of Indian Universities to suspend all interuniversity competitions for the lack of funds. Following the recent escalation of violence in Trincomalee culminating in the bomb attack against a Navy bus the SLMM has decided to suspend operational activities in Trincomalee until further notice an official statement said. All agreed that Iran should turn back from its nuclear plan should return to negotiations should suspend work on its centrifuges and should heed the words of the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA and the international community he said. The decision to suspend its participation in Test matches was reached by ZC after consideration of the recent performances by the National and A teams Zimbabwe Cricket said in a statement issued after a meeting. The rally also urged the Centre to listen to the voice of the people to suspend the counterinsurgency operations. Ali Larijani in a letter made available to the AP said such a move would leave his country no choice but to suspend all the voluntary measures and extra cooperation with the IAEA shorthand for reducing IAEA monitoring authority over its nuclear activities. The Stewards who were not satisfied with the explanation tendered by him held him guilty for giving misleading evidence in the enquiry and decided to suspend his licence from February 10 to March 9 2006.