survival meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
survival meaning in tamil is நிலைத்து இருத்தல்

survival meaning in tamil with example

survival tamil meaning and more example for survival will be given in tamil.
Though the zoo has reported success in taking care of elephants giraffes and gaur and has prepared a special formulation of liquid diet to enable the young ones to develop immunity the survival rate is reckoned to be bleak if the calf is not suckled by its mother. Describing the alleged shooting of tribals in Kalinganagar in Orissa as nothing short of a massacre an NGO 151 the Campaign for Survival and Dignity 151 has sought a judicial inquiry by a sitting High Court Judge into the incident. The Campaign for Survival and Dignity CSD also demanded registration of cases against guilty police officials and withdrawal of false cases. She pointed out that even with all its defects youth festivals had helped in the survival of many languishing art forms. In the absence of Agassi Nadal Safin who have won 11 Grand Slam titles between them and written an encyclopaedia of shotmaking tournament organisers are no doubt lighting candles and praying for Roger Federers continued survival through the tournament. During the expedition the cadets will develop skills in sailing navigation teamwork survival and build a spirit of corps among themselves. At a time when the very survival of the print media is in peril it is commendable that the newspaper has taken up the formidable task of rejuvenating the dying industry through such innovative measures as the induction of a Readers Editor. The United Nations has been forced to stop shipping food to the Horn of Africa and instead has to use unsurfaced roads through northern Kenya raising the costs and threatening the survival of half a million people in droughtstricken southern Somalia.