surroundings meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
surroundings meaning in tamil is சூழல்

surroundings meaning in tamil with example

surroundings tamil meaning and more example for surroundings will be given in tamil.
Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Health in Velankanni is located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal amid calm surroundings of palm groves and nestles. Airbreathing rocket systems used atmospheric oxygen from their surroundings and burnt it with the stored onboard fuel to produce the forward thrust. Ganapathy Advisor Exnora Tiruchi district who coordinated the function stressed the importance of good sanitation and appealed to the villagers to keep the surroundings clean for good health. R. The Extensive Wasteland Development Programme being implemented in the district will cover 5000 hectares of inhospitable terrain to transform hostile surroundings into cultivable land Collector Atul Anand has informed. The Director TRC Jakka Parthasarathy said the workshop also looked at exposing places such as Udhagamandalam to participants many of whom were confined to their villages and surroundings since birth. Patrolling has started in Pallikaranai and the surroundings areas following the bird flu threat. Although no cases of avian influenza attack on the birds have been reported in this region the department is looking at the issue seriously. One of the aims of the establishment of the park is to create awareness among the people on the need to have clean surroundings by adopting safe sanitation methods in their villages. Ecofriendliness Interacting with the children ViceAdmiral Mehta advised them to inculcate a sense of environment friendliness by keeping their surroundings neat and clean.