surrender meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
surrender meaning in tamil is சரண் அடை

surrender meaning in tamil with example

surrender tamil meaning and more example for surrender will be given in tamil.
Like a bubble in the river being swept in the direction of the current as it does not resist it there will not be disappointments in life when man learns to surrender to God and accept the outcome as His grace. The residents of Srirangam would not grudge to surrender the coupons for rice and kerosene to be distributed to the really needy poor. The local bodies institutions do not maintain records of land acquisition surrender and plan alterations which leaves a gaping hole in the framework of rules. Several attempts by the Government to secure peaceful surrender of the militants and their local patrons have failed. The festival teaches us the importance of sacrificing our ego and surrender of the self to the almighty he said. Valiya Perunnaal which honours Prophet Ibrahims absolute surrender to God by agreeing to sacrifice his only son Ismayils life 4000 years ago was celebrated by over eight million Muslims in the State on Tuesday. Earlier the State Government through an executive order had cancelled the powers of the road development committees to grand exemption in building rules to those who surrender land for road development projects. It is only when one realises the omniscience omnipotence and omnipresence of the Supreme Being and ones relationship to Him that one becomes ready to offer total surrender of the self to Him with implicit faith and devotion. Naveen feels that the Maoist ranks have starte dwindling with the surrender of considerable number of top leaders in recent months.