surprised meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
surprised meaning in tamil is வியப்படை

surprised meaning in tamil with example

surprised tamil meaning and more example for surprised will be given in tamil.
I lost in the junior final to Koshy Muthalaly who by the way did opt for a career in medicine though he was one of our most promising players in badminton ever. He said he was pleasantly surprised to see so many spectators for the National juniors at Kozhikode. Reddy who was surprised at the strange footnote inquired with the elderly people who traced it to the restrictions placed by the British. The action of the State Government which showed keenness in implementing the project earlier and has now decided to stop works has surprised many. I was very surprised since the norm is 14 or one in every four should get through the final interview. After they formed teams and pooled their savings they got out of the clutches of moneylenders. The women were surprised and thrilled when the Thyagarayanagar Cooperative Bank agreed to give them a loan of Rs.1 lakh per group in the beginning of 2004. InspectorGeneral of Police Western Range K.S. Suresh Babu who was the chief guest said he is pleasantly surprised to see that cultural festivals such as Virasat can be organised year after year. I was surprised and happy that the movie completed two weeks in Mumbai which is a big thing for a film like that said the director. We were surprised to see the significant growth in reading and consequently writing habits of children. Vehicle users have been pleasantly surprised at the new pleasure of riding on wider and potholefree roads. Government initiative The RTC management was pleasantly surprised at the initiative taken by the Government without its asking for it.