surface meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
surface meaning in tamil is மேற்பரப்பு

surface meaning in tamil with example

surface tamil meaning and more example for surface will be given in tamil.
After sand filling and retaining wall construction initially only light vehicle traffic would be allowed over the bridge and after the surface sets in and is black topped heavier vehicles would be allowed the sources said. The party credits him with being an able administrator proving himself in the jobs of Chief Minister in 2000 and Surface Transport Minister in the Vajpayee Government. The Union Ministry of Surface Transport and Highways has sanctioned the works relating to the development of roads of interState significance in Rajasthan to be taken up at a cost of Rs. Rathore said the approvals by the Surface Transport Ministry included those for six interState roads which would be renovated at a cost of Rs. Rathore pointed out that the Surface Transport Ministry had given its consent to two of the proposals worth Rs. 6.20 crores sent during 200506. Keeps getting recharged The advantage is that water here is relatively pure and cleaner than surface water as the rocky surface makes the abandoned quarries more of a tank he said. Totally three such machines were being deployed which generate a mist of water that had larger surface area to cool the burning object Mr. It is because of the heavy rain in some catchment areas of the river that there is surface flow in the river. Heavy watering of the surface rendered it damp and it was only after two inspections that umpires Vijay Chopra and Satish Gupta started the game at 40 minutes past noon. Chandigarh also registered increase in the mercury by three degrees but the temperature kept low as cold surface winds lashed the area during the day.