surf meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
surf meaning in tamil is அலை, அளாவி

surf meaning in tamil with example

surf tamil meaning and more example for surf will be given in tamil.
Compared with the sun sand and surf traveller the alert independent traveller moved around for experience and had a mind of his own he added. Venkateswara Rao proprietor of Sai Sify Cyber Caf at Swarnalok Complex on the charge of encouraging his customers to surf pornographic websites in his Internet centre. Biggers is among the growing club of foreigners especially in the U.S. who surf the Internet for orthopaedic surgeons and land in Coimbatore. The ceremony began just after sunset with a kilometrelong procession of giant mechanical fish making its way along the Yarra River towards the MCG escorted by Australian surf rescue rowboats. Some people surf channels and watch snatches of film to relax for a few minutes before falling asleep. A basic MS office knowledge with an ability to surf Internet will open up opportunities in the toptier organisations. Experiments conducted in many countries have proved that surf reefs also provide a breeding ground for several species of fish. They used to surf the Net and note down the email IDs of company owners and top executives the DCP said. The makers of Lux soap and Surf detergent said the move would integrate all existing business offices of HLL in Bangalore and Mumbai under one roof and the transition would be completed by 2008. Under the proposal owners of the cyber cafes would be mandatorily asked to allow only those to surf the net who have proper identity proof with them. My father taught me computers says Armaan who uses a Mac desktop machine at home to create websites play interactive games he has loaded on his own use search engines surf the Net and take photos using the builtin camera.