supremacy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
supremacy meaning in tamil is ஆதிபத்தியம், இறையாண்மை

supremacy meaning in tamil with example

supremacy tamil meaning and more example for supremacy will be given in tamil.
Ram Babu Sharma made things difficult for the Chief Minister and asserted his authority and partys supremacy in various matters. Trambak Rubber Team lifted the Ruia Gold Cup the symbol of supremacy in Indian bridge in the 47th edition of the National championship at the J.J. indoor basketball complex here on Tuesday. Ethiopian Mulu Seboka the defending womens champion extended her supremacy over the event for the second consecutive year improving upon the 2005 time with a planned run on familiar roads clocking 233.15. The supremacy of the House in enacting legislation need not be overstretched to arrogate to itself the powers normally assigned to law enforcing agencies and courts of law. His two compositions the Nanmukan Tiruvandadi and the Tirucchanda Viruttam have internal evidence to corroborate the Lords supremacy from his experience. On the issue of the suspension of MPs in the cashforquestions case the national council backed the stand taken by Speaker Somnath Chatterjee over the supremacy of Parliament in such issues. When this truth is firmly grasped the individual spontaneously acknowledges the supremacy of the Lord as the absolute ruler of the entire universe and is filled with humble devotion faith and true love towards Him. In this incarnation that continues to be a source of delight and has helped to kindle the devotional quotient in many the Lord manifests both His supremacy Parathvam and His accessibility Soulabhya pointed out Kumaravadi Sri Ramanujachariar in a discourse.