suppressive meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
suppressive meaning in tamil is அடக்குகிற, மறைக்கிற

suppressive meaning in tamil with example

suppressive tamil meaning and more example for suppressive will be given in tamil.
The exhibits include rare documents highlighting the history of the independence movement in Travancore and Cochin and the suppressive measures taken by the administration. V.N. Saxena of the Department of Dermatology at Sawai Man Singh Medical College here and Jaideep Dogra of the Central Government Health Scheme in their evidencebased research have for the first time found a permanent cure for psoriasis for which only suppressive therapy was available so far. Valsaraj said those undergoing renal transplantation would be given immuno suppressive drugs free of cost at the government hospital and the cost of the drugs would be Rs. Ramarao Hyderabad Indias policy seems to be to make use of Pakistans suppressive measures in Balochistan to embarrass it internationally.