suppression meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
suppression meaning in tamil is அடக்குகிற, மறைக்கிற

suppression meaning in tamil with example

suppression tamil meaning and more example for suppression will be given in tamil.
It will strengthen cooperation amongst the contracting parties in prevention and suppression armed robbery and in tracing identification and prosecution of the persons involved in such acts and would help in making the sea lanes in the region secure Mr. What is the rationale of having common standards considering that in the U.S. and other developed countries most of the recent scandals were the result of reporting of nonexisting profits while in countries like India the problem was underreporting or suppression of profits. Inflation or suppression of profits is related to the ownership structure of companies Mr Ward said. He alleged that persons of various categories having lands and building within Greater Kolkata had been allotted plots either by misrepresentation or by suppression of material facts. The takeover of a few MSOs will only kill competition and lead to suppression of views that are not palatable to the government of the day. A person who takes an overthecounter antibiotic for a condition and stops the dosage when better is misusing the antibiotic and is contributing to suppression of the immune system she said. Senior advocate Pinky Anand who appeared on behalf of the Union of India insists that the respondents did not deliberately inform the court that the award had been made and there was suppression of facts that led to the adverse court order. The Sunnis on the other hand have converged on religious organisations after political and military suppression by American forces began.