supportive meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
supportive meaning in tamil is ஆதரவாக

supportive meaning in tamil with example

supportive tamil meaning and more example for supportive will be given in tamil.
The strategy highlights the need for creating a supportive environment for adolescents to seek the health services they need. With a supportive wife two sons and a daughter Ravi finds time to give tips to school and college students who throng his shop. The policy focuses on prevention of disabilities rehabilitation measures early detection and intervention provision for supportive devices and development of rehabilitation professionals he said. It is in such circumstances after a run riot that the captain and coach have to be extra supportive of their bowlers. He has been supportive of the Iraq war and dismissive of the Kyoto accord and its mandatory limits on emissions. These resolutions and the supportive Government Order will give necessary legal validity to asset registries project coordinator M.P. Rajan said. Our staff is experienced well organised and supportive and wants to share our beautiful country with our clients he said. She was very supportive of our causes and there was a desire to carry on the message of Gandhi. Giriraj Rao the foundations executive director said Coretta Scott King was instrumental in helping the group erect a statue of Gandhi at the Martin Luther King Jr. Reddy in a statement issued here on Friday said the real credit for this far reaching milestone achieved by the State goes to the people who had been supportive of the Governments action. And there must be a sense of total involvement in the team and the supportive staff in the operation theatre.