supply meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
supply meaning in tamil is வழங்கு, கொடு

supply meaning in tamil with example

supply tamil meaning and more example for supply will be given in tamil.
Much to the plight of the industry power supply has deteriorated in the State which could send a wrong signal to investors. Officials informed the minister that the Corporation was studying the feasibility of utilising the old pipelines which were laid years ago to supply water to the Salem town by the then municipal administration once again for water supply. A group of angry consumers raided an outlet of Shakti Gas at Ashokanagar in protest against the latters failure to ensure supply of refills in time. Supply regulation The oil companies regulated the supply of refills in a bid to curtail their use for nondomestic purpose leading to scarcity he said. The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and Gas Authority of India Limited faced the wrath of the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission again over gas they are expected to supply to the four upcoming power projects Konaseema Vemagiri Gautham and GVK extension. Punna Rao a former engineer of APSEB pleaded for collection of penalty from GAILONGC if they pleaded shortage and demanded public display of the correspondence between the State and Union Governments relating to the gas supply to the projects. M. It may sound incredible but it was an acceptable social norm that guests attending a wedding function were to supply ration for the food they consumed to the host during wartime in preIndependence days. The hosts invariably printed on the wedding invitation that guests should supply their ration to the host early so that sufficient grain was available by the time cooking started.