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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
supper meaning in tamil is இரவுச்சாப்பாடு, மாலை உணவு

supper meaning in tamil with example

supper tamil meaning and more example for supper will be given in tamil.
The police said that around 11 p.m. five employees of the private concrete mixing plant were walking towards the unit on Mysore Road after having supper at a nearby hotel. The exquisite architectural marvel with its stained glass windows vaulted roof and a reproduction of Raphaels Last Supper over the altar was built completely out of public subscription by Streynsham Master the Governor of Fort St.George from 16771681. The film with a detailed talk on The Last Supper and Jesus Christs association with Mary Magdalene has enough that will get many talking but little celluloid glory to merit a detailed discussion. Chandrasekhar Rao also maintained that the issue was concocted as the warden himself had his supper at the mess after the beedi episode. And yes fans had his films and songs on almost every channel for breakfast lunch supper and even as latenight snacks. The picture of the Last Supper by Cochin Bakery Thopumpady bagged the first prize in the butter cream category. Although it was the duty of the administration to facilitate the entry of the Dalits into the temple they were taking a partisan stand by supporting the supper caste Mr. Residents of Tondupally in Shamshabad the two cousins came the house of Dastagiris sister Bibi in Shivarampally on Tuesday ate supper and went out. Among these Last Supper by Sasi Edavarad is an attempt at experimenting yet remaining true to the mural style. The other padams centre on Fall of Man second Annunciation fourth Nativity fifth Sermon on the Mount seventh Last Supper 10th trial and Crucifixion 11th Resurrection 13th and Ascension 14th.