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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
superstition meaning in tamil is மூட நம்பிக்கை

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Kumaraswamy asserted that he did not believe in such superstition and he will visit all these places soon. Jana Vignana Vedika organised the fourday festival for children studying in sixth seventh and eighth classes in rural areas in the district to dispel superstition and nurture scientific temper among them. Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamys statement that no Minister wants to be entrusted with the portfolio of Kannada and Culture has raised the question whether it is on account of the low budgetary allocation or superstition in political circles. His mysticism and spirituality superstition and belief love and faith are nothing but a pedalling of the many charms of the holy city to an international audience. The problem is it becomes a confused medley of love and worship asceticism and mysticism superstition and blind belief. Staff Reporter Plea to eradicate superstition KURNOO. He said that it was troubling to see the media presenting tales of superstition and horror while parents were losing the skills and time for storytelling. During the Cultural Revolution 196676 the Chinese authorities equated religion with feudal superstition and temples across the country were razed to the ground their monks flogged in the streets and sent off to remote outposts for hard labour. In some cases if a newborn is suffering from an illness the parents and the community may be driven by superstition to use wrong methods of treatment which may harm the baby instead of going to hospital Dr. Even today emotional and psychological health problems carry a lot of stigma and superstition in our society.