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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
superpower meaning in tamil is வல்லரசு

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But the real harm that it did 151 and that was very pretty much its aim 151 was to lend academic legitimacy to the idea of a world essentially without ideology except of the kind practised by the only superpower left after the collapse of the Soviet Union. With the worlds only superpower on its way out who but they 151 along with Turkey and Iran 151 are left to replace it there. On the economic front it said that while working to make the country an economic superpower and consolidate the reforms process its commitment to the poor and the disadvantaged through Governmental intervention remained. Taking strong exception to the remarks of the Ambassador former prime minister V.P. Singh said it was a case of superpower armtwisting. Talking to reporters here on Friday Mr. Prabhu Kumar of Logic Information System USA and an alumnus of NITT said India with a booming growth in Information Technology and Biotechnology sectors was less than two decades away from becoming a superpower in the perception of USA. The Salesians realise this and we are trying to accompany the young persons through their process of growth until they become mature. The organisation saw bright prospects for India to grow into a superpower scientifically economically and socially by 2020. Over half felt that India would overtake China in the next 10 years to be the next Asian Superpower and a similar number believed India could make a successful bid to hold the Olympics in the next 10 years. Musharraf said that as the sole superpower the United States had a responsibility in the resolution of all conflicts including Kashmir.