supermarket meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
supermarket meaning in tamil is பெருஞ் சந்தை

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For example data mining had first been considered suitable only for supermarket marketing but was now being used in healthcare and to predict threats to the country and the possibility of terrorist attacks. Issues such as trade justice once regarded as the obscure obsessions of the hairy the sandalled and the tattooed are percolating through to your average supermarket shopper. Kirchner has preferred populist methods to control inflation such as cajoling supermarket chains to accept voluntary price controls accusing their owners of blackmailing his government or leading a boycott against Shell last November when its petrol stations raised their prices. Everywhere I go a construction site the supermarket 151 it is the same workers approaching me and asking about their rights. For it fetches them high revenue in terms of rent from canteen bicycle stand and a few stalls that were let out to organisations like Vijayakrishna Supermarket and Vijaya Dairy. They get better rice and wheat from the supermarket for an extra rupee or two a kg. The prospects look even bleaker. The price differential between the open market and the ration shop is narrow so they go to the supermarket or other groceries. Ration shops have been in crisis for some years. Unlike prescription drugs and supermarket products sportspersons dont come with the useby date stamped on their shirtfront. Thirty varieties of bananas will be displayed at a show being organised at the Lulu supermarket branches in Dubai. However the detection of bird flu has not affected the sale of packaged chicken much according to the manager of a supermarket chain.