superficial meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
superficial meaning in tamil is மேலோட்டம், மேலோட்டமாக

superficial meaning in tamil with example

superficial tamil meaning and more example for superficial will be given in tamil.
The first contract 151 a quotation for three million euros 151 proposed superficial decontamination while the second contract for 6 million euros proposed major decontamination work. It is perhaps time our media followed certain ethics so that the people and the government start looking beneath the superficial shining India that we all believe exists. We have become blind to the stark realities in the countryside and exult in a superficial glamorous India orchestrated by the media. While that is the superficial picture of Punalurs election scene the UDF camp is fully aware that the constituencys undercurrent still has a strong LDF bias. But Punalur is one constituency where superficial trends have many a time misled both the UDF and the LDF. But the author said last month that those were just superficial details and the book is invented fiction. Pot stays The ageold chalivendram has taken a new avatar this summer with a few superficial changes. The suspicion The fact that Manemmas body was kept in a locked portion and the superficial injuries on Narsaiah forced us to suspect his version Uppal SubInspector Ravinder said on Wednesday. Jean Grey Famke Janssen resurrected as her primal alter ego Dark Phoenix destroys without remorse bringing some sort of gravity to an otherwise superficial film. The narrative technique which integrates fantasy reality and make believe occult practices in a repetitive fashion offers fun at the superficial level and cajoles the audience to read meanings into the true colours and designs of human mind on a different plane when situations demand.