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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sump meaning in tamil is கட்டுத் தொட்டி

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From there water is conveyed to the huge Moolakattanur sump where the existing 35hp motor is being upgraded into a 60 hp motor. The skeletal remains found inside a sump of the MCH parking complex at Abids could be that of a 65yearold tailor who was not to be seen for the past nine months police said on Tuesday. Either the man might have committed suicide by jumping into the sump or accidentally slipped into it the Inspector said. And based on discussions with him the MCH did not immediately take up construction of a sump and a compound wall. As three sump houses can service an STP the Commissioner says that construction of sufficient number of sump houses is a prerequisite for constructing the STPs. And he expressly told the civic body not to bother about reconstruction of the sump and ramp from main road as his property was slated for reconstruction into a commercial complex. The building has an inbuilt sewagetreatment plant and a sump with the capacity to store onelakh litres of water. Denying charges that river water was drawn into an open well on his farm he said bore well water was collected in a sump and then let into the open well. Five labourers were killed and four were injured when the embankment of a huge sump collapsed on them at a construction site in HAL police station limits on Tuesday afternoon. Found dead in sump The police suspect that Satyam might have committed suicide due to his illness. The police suspect that Balu might have slipped into the sump on Friday night and died of suffocation.