sucker meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sucker meaning in tamil is எளிதில் ஏமாறுபவர்

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The laboratory had been taken over by the council in order to raise banana sucker production in the State. Specimens of sea snake cowfish sea horse lobster clown fish sucker fish catfish puffer fish and mantis shrimp were given to the schools. As the Aussies say Never give a sucker an even break. Instead they let Harbhajan and Irfan score those vital 50odd runs that made all the difference on a seaming pitch with variable bounce and with the ball swinging in the air. Maintaining this aquarium is easy provided you have sucker catfish and algae eaters to clean up the inside of the glass Mr. Amazons Oscar which is so close to humans and very affectionate towards its partner Neon Tetra Albino Giant Gourani Upside Down Catfish of Nile Pirana Oranda Gold Feather Fin or Black Ghost Koi Angel Black Moor Scat Silver Aravana Sucker Cat Fish... attract visitors attention. Among the vehicles that were impounded was a vehicle fitted with sucker unit that was used to remove toilet waste. The action against the vehicle with sucker unit was taken as such vehicles were reported to be illegally dumping toilet waste at Wellingdon Island at the land owned by the Cochin Port Trust.