succumb meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
succumb meaning in tamil is இரையாதல்

succumb meaning in tamil with example

succumb tamil meaning and more example for succumb will be given in tamil.
In such circumstances most officials succumb to the pressures and threats and pocket few thousands rupees in the process he said. In an industry where often a womencentric subject means a chick with brains in the refrigerator and an overdose of libidinal energy he refuses to succumb to temptation. The Government he said must clarify whether it would stand by the nonaligned countries Russia and China on the issue or whether it would succumb to mounting U.S. pressure. The first foreigner to coach the England national team Eriksson has decided to quit two years early after becoming the latest to succumb under the weight of tabloid pressure. The All India Forward Bloc too demanded that the Manmohan Singh Government should not succumb to the pressure of the United States. Damodara Dikshitar said the life of King Yayati illustrated why a spiritual aspirant must not succumb to sensory gratification. Condemning Indias stand on Iran she felt that India voted against Iran only to please the U.S. At least in future India should correct its stand and not succumb to the U.S. pressure. Bushs speech was remarkable for the number of times he called on his fellow Americans not to retreat not to give up not to succumb to pessimism not to be defeatist. She said since Brahmins were an educated community they would not succumb to any cajoling or pressure from any political party. Mohammed Basheeer has urged the fourth estate not to succumb to pressure while discharging their duties. Jaitley that the selectors would have no other choice but to succumb to these extraneous pressures for fear of physical harm.