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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
subvention meaning in tamil is மானியம்

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In addition a range of measures to benefit farmers including a subvention to lower the cost of crop loans has been announced. As it is the crop loans being extended to farmers at seven per cent would result in a Rs 1700crore outgo from the Exchequer by way of subvention to banks. The BCCI Secretary Niranjan Shah said The State units would be given 50 per cent of their share of TV subvention Rs. All associations except CCI and NSC Kolkata have to use the BCCI subvention money for the development of cricket including womens cricket in their respective States. The scheme will provide credit to farmers at very affordable rate and will enhance the farm production and productivity. The Centre would provide interest subvention of two per cent per annum to banks in respect of the shortterm credit. The Union Government will provide interest subvention of 2 per cent per annum for shortterm production credit up to Rs. This entirely noncommercial venture was kickstarted with a Yale University subvention of 200 and as it grew over three years Mr. A highlevel meeting presided over by Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on Friday failed to resolve the differences between the Agriculture and the Finance Ministries on interest subvention on farm loans to cooperative banks from the kharif 200607 as assured in the budget proposals this year. The Agriculture Ministry is backing State Governments demand for subvention of two percentage points of the farmers interest liability on the principal amount up to Rs 300000 as assured by the Centre in the budget.