subside meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
subside meaning in tamil is அடங்கும்

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The emotions subside as the director concentrates on action unmitigated almost unexplained and unprovoked. He said the demand for statehood would automatically subside if the region was developed by spending Rs.1000 crores. It will take four to five days for the smoke to subside and that means plenty of trouble for the layouts spread over three secretary of the KurichiVellalore Pollution Prevention Committee K.S. Mohan said. That there are a few shrill and angry voices is only to be expected and my hope is that these will subside in the days to come. Nonresponsive to medical treatment the virus is selflimiting and under normal circumstance should subside within a week. THE FAMILY STONE At PVR Saket and other Delhi theatres The Diane Keatonstarrer had to wait for the Oscar fever to subside to cultivate a rapport with the cinemagoers. It is only when the fever does not subside do they come to the hospital for a check up says the doctor. Pain in the knee and the body owing to viral fever would take at least a week to subside and there was no need to panic about it. Alternatively H5N1 may subside naturally as infected animals die off or it may mutate to a less aggressive form. Mohan said that every time a fire broke out in the yard it took almost a week for the smoke to subside even if the blaze was put out in a day. There was however no cause for concern since chikungunya identified with symptoms of fever and joint aches would subside after four or five days said Dr. Vijay Mohan explained that chikungunya was not fatal and within three to four days it would subside if proper medicines like paracetmol are taken or else it could take up to four weeks.