subordinates meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
subordinates meaning in tamil is ஊழியர்கள்

subordinates meaning in tamil with example

subordinates tamil meaning and more example for subordinates will be given in tamil.
They alleged that Narayanpet excise inspector Amir Ali and his subordinates had assaulted cameraman Krishna at Narayanpet on Friday evening when he tried to shoot Amir Ali reportedly taking bribe from toddy tappers of Ujjelli village. Rajanna has consistently maintained that his colleagues and subordinates are subjecting him to mental harassment. Superintendent of Police Sanjay Kumar Jain directed his subordinates not to harass the surrendered Maoists with cases. Venu Prasad after inspecting the star turtle asked his subordinates to free it in any one of the reserve forest areas. The DFOhas trained his subordinates in monitoring the behavioural change of birds at Koonthankulam from where almost all the barheaded goose have left for Siberia and Ladakh where they came from. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has ordered suspension of a Superintendent of Nabha jail and Station House Officer SHO of the Batala city police station along with three of his subordinates for their alleged involvement in two separate incidents of atrocities. They had been asked to advise their subordinates to cross verify in writing before taking any action on issues such as these. Without waiting for a priest the SP removed his shoe and cap and performed the pooja himself for Lord Ganesha inside the new chamber taking his subordinates and other ministerial staff by surprise. Once the pooja was over the SP directed his subordinates to give the prasadams first to the newsmen and press photographers covering the function.