subordinate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
subordinate meaning in tamil is கீழ்நிலை ஊழியர்

subordinate meaning in tamil with example

subordinate tamil meaning and more example for subordinate will be given in tamil.
Relying on the Supreme Court guidelines he said the subordinate court must consider the seriousness of the offence nature of accusation severity of punishment in case of conviction and reasonable apprehension of tampering with witnesses while granting bail in such cases. The City Civil Court Chief Justice was also asked to submit a report to the High Court within six weeks on the action taken by him and the officers subordinate to him. Although in a true democracy they must remain subordinate to their political masters they have a clear responsibility to point out when political strategies are flawed or inadequately resourced. The Court of the Chief Judge Mysore was set up in 1880 along with three other courts 151 the court of district judges the Bangalore Court of Small Causes and subordinate and munsiff courts. Rajanna as he has repeatedly refused to respond to earlier notices issued by an Additional Secretary S.B. Patil seeking a response to these allegations on instructions from the Speaker saying that he was a subordinate of his. Rohini will unveil a pillar to commemorate 125 years of District Munsif Court and the subordinate court at Proddatur on January 21. She unveiled a pillar to commemorate 125 years of inception of the District Munsif Court and 25 years of the Subordinate Judge Court at Proddatur. The lifting of the ban on recruitment has paved the way for appointment of office assistants in the subordinate judiciary. As per the January 23 the notification the new judicial district of Theni shall have a District and Sessions Judge two subordinate judges and five district munsifs.