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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sow meaning in tamil is விதைத்தல், விதை தூவு

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In a representation to Collector Gagandeep Singh Bedi he said the farmers usually sow the seed during January particularly before Pongal festival. Nearly 40 per cent of the farmers in the KarnalKurukshetra belt are using the zerotillage machine to sow seeds without ploughing the field. In this method seeds and fertilizer are put into narrow slits created with knifetype furrow openers that plough the land as they sow on the residue. Ever since farming began farmers have saved a part of their harvest for seeds and used the seeds to sow their fields again or exchange them with other farmers. Farmers have been suggested to sow ADT three black gram variety and ADT three green gram variety after preparing the land and seed properly. She was shrewd enough to know that once she could sow the seed of jealousy in her heart it would make her view the whole situation differently as envy would never stomach anothers luck and prosperity. Let not politicians sow the seed of votebank politics lest the secular tradition of the armed forces is destroyed. PAU scientists and experts advised farmers to sow paddy nursery in second fortnight of May and transplant it in the second fortnight of June. When all the other animals who refused to help the little hen sow seeds cut weeds grind grain make dough and bake bread asked her for a share in the freshly baked bread she plainly refused. When you sow a seed watch it grow despite its vulnerability you learn how interdependent it is with the earth. Ever since Goebbels developed mass communication as a powerful propaganda tool it has been used to sow all kinds of thoughts in the minds of the people for nefarious gains.