sovereign meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sovereign meaning in tamil is அரசர், அரசி

sovereign meaning in tamil with example

sovereign tamil meaning and more example for sovereign will be given in tamil.
I would like to say ... that any demilitarisation or redeployment of security forces within the territory of India is a sovereign decision of the Government of India and cannot be dictated by any foreign government the External Affairs Ministry spokesman stated. One could at best question Teherans political wisdom in choosing to end this suspension at the present time but not its sovereign right to do so. New Delhi which so far has refrained from commenting on the latest developments relating to Iran and the West used the opportunity to stress compliance and commitments We have consistently maintained that it is a states sovereign right to enter into treaties and international agreements. Strongly condemning the statement the CPI said the U.S. Ambassadors remarks grossly interfere in Indias sovereign affairs. After taking the salute at a special marchpast here the Governor said Our leaders had taken the oath on January 26 1928 to make India a free and sovereign nation and it was 56 years ago on January 26 1950 that this dream came true. Dr. Highlighting the importance of this historic day he said that the Constitution aimed at developing India into a Sovereign Secular Democratic Republic. Vajpayee said the External Affairs Ministrys reaction on Wednesday was routine. It hardly expresses the indignation of the people of the sovereign and independent Republic of India the former Prime Minister stressed in a twoparagraph statement. He said the public warning of the Ambassador was in violation of diplomatic propriety the foreign policy of a sovereign country would be in line with its stated stand and it was not something to be changed for the sake of U.S. interests.