sour meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sour meaning in tamil is புளிப்பான

sour meaning in tamil with example

sour tamil meaning and more example for sour will be given in tamil.
The incidents are likely to sour relations between Iran and Britain which has been blamed by Iranian officials for the blasts in Ahvaz last year. Keshavan slams officials Indias campaign began on a sour note after its medal hope Shiva Keshavan pulled out of the opening ceremony citing apathy of officials accompanying the Indian contingent. The company says that with implementation of this project the new refinery configuration will allow processing of higher proportion of lowcost sour and heavy crudes leading to better margin. As the Indonesian experience of 199798 shows if the situation were to sour in a freeforall convertibility regime the greater threat would be of local or homegrown depositors withdrawing dollars than of foreign institutional investors transferring their assets abroad. The mandatory Ugadi Pachadi comprising tamarind jaggery raw mango neem flowers salt and green chilli which is a mixture of six tastes ranging form sweet sour and bitter was the first item to be partaken by family members on the day. During the past one year relations between the UPA and the Left parties have turned sour with a decision first to suspend participation in coordination committee meetings and now to hold separate briefings. There is no alternative has entered the British soul leaving a sour sense of helplessness that iron economic laws shape our destiny we ignore them at our peril. Entertainment on Sunday night went sour for many as they realised an explosion had taken place right in their midst.