sound meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sound meaning in tamil is ஒலி, சத்தம்

sound meaning in tamil with example

sound tamil meaning and more example for sound will be given in tamil.
Hu said China will strive to achieve fast and sound economic and social development and enable all people to enjoy the fruit of reform and development in 2006. This is mine 151 That the Ivory Coast elegantly slides into the World Cup football final to the sound of a cheering world. Governor Sushil Kumar Shinde in his greetings said The resolve to make our State a progressive prosperous morally and materially sound unit of the nation contributing magnificently to its advance will need to be renewed. It may sound incredible but it was an acceptable social norm that guests attending a wedding function were to supply ration for the food they consumed to the host during wartime in preIndependence days. Reddy said the Government was planning to extend ultra sound and other advanced facilities free to poor people. The wooden cottages Lopamudra Kannika Brahmagiri Pushpagiri Sujyoti sound apt giving them a revered touch. While stressing the importance of sound macroeconomic management along with prudent fiscal management Dr. This is just about fancy numbers where a digit repeats itself two three or four times to make them sound good. Conservator of Forest P.K. Jha said the light and sound method had helped them reduce the cost and time. On seeing the bright light in the dark the animal gets immobilised while the humming sound from the buzzer is used to drown the sound of footsteps of the team. A clicking sound from within the trunk sparked suspicion among the officials who immediately alerted the Mysore City Police.