sorry meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sorry meaning in tamil is மன்னிப்பு

sorry meaning in tamil with example

sorry tamil meaning and more example for sorry will be given in tamil.
Efforts on He felt sorry that during the past few weeks a proper start could not be made in the corporation. Somnath Chatterjee statement that he was ashamed to be presiding over the House was a reflection of the sorry state of affairs. Im sorry to say we didnt feel that strongly about your work. There was bad news from yet another agent Barbara Levy who thought that although the novel was quite original there was not enough spark in it to interest her. The Collector felt sorry that 10 petitions were pending with the Revenue Divisional Officers Office at Gobichettipalayam and some at the Superintendent of Police office. The Rythu Bazaar at Swaraj Maidan in Vijayawada presents a sorry look as tiles come off the flooring and sellers are forced to spread vegetables on the pathway. System faulted He however opined that political parties alone should not be blamed for the sorry state of affairs because it was the problem with the system and not individuals. The other guys are actually not that sorry to lose to him which I kind of miss a little bit he said in the Melbourne Age. That he is forced to think of taking up coaching a couple of individuals now is a sorry state of affairs. Stating that lack of patriotism and nationalism was the main reason for the sorry state of affairs in the country he said efforts would be made to prevent slaughter of cows. Blaming the previous Government for the sorry state of affairs in respect of the PACS he urged presidents to be committed and the members united.