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Pethanan 50 of Periya Poolampatti was fatally knocked down by a bus while he was engaged in thrashing of sorghum plants on PeraiyurUsilampatti Road. Reddy requested the Centre to make it mandatory to blend ethanol up to 24 per cent in petrol so as to help substantially promote crops like maize sweet sorghum and tapioca. Ammanna Bio is the first biofuel in the State to install molecular sieve technology to manufacture ethanol and the firm has plans to adopt multifeed stock such as sweet sorghum to enable selfsufficiency in bagasse and press mud to achieve zero discharge of effluents. A Uzo Mokwunye Chairman of ICRISAT governing body at the inauguration of the sweet sorghum project at Mohammed Shapur village on Monday. The ethanol production through sweet sorghum will help boost biofuel production at a lesser cost than the sugarcane molassesbased ethanol while benefiting farmers in semiarid areas. About 3000 farmers will be benefited by the distillery as it procured sweet sorghum stalks at Rs.450 per tonne and used stored sorghum seed during the lean season. In Tamil Nadu In Tamil Nadu jatropha sugar beet and sweet sorghum could be used for biofuel production. Rajeshwari The demand for sorghum as an important component of diet is low though it is nutritionally similar to rice and wheat in terms of Bvitamins calcium iron and fibre. The grain characteristics such as coarse texture and unappealing colour are the main drawbacks that prevent sorghum from being used for variety foods.