soothe meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
soothe meaning in tamil is அமைதியாக்கு, வேதனை) தனி, ஆறுதல் அளி

soothe meaning in tamil with example

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If one wants to soothe the aching body after a days work massagers made of Seasham wood are also available. While those selling chicken are trying to soothe ruffled feathers after the bird flu panic hit them hard those selling mutton fish and other meats are smiling their way to the bank. But its a real blessing to be a musician and to be able to soothe somebodys pain said S.P. Balasubramanyam who was honoured with the Cultural Icon Award. Seeking to soothe anxieties in the Arab neighbourhood the head of Irans supreme national security council Ali Larijani is on a visit to Saudi Arabia. But in politics theres nothing as effective as a potential dam which promises paradise 151 it will soothe your sorrows it will bring you breakfast in bed. Or two its a serious welcome overture towards Washington and an invitation to a wideranging dialogue that could soothe longstanding and rapidly escalating tensions between the two countries. Mandelson who six months ago was perceived as posing a major roadblock to a deal has stuck to his guns defending the CAP while helping to soothe the concerns of developing countries by supporting their opposition to ambitious U.S. demands. But how many know that the whole package of aroma that comes along with a steam treatment and body massage can soothe both the body and mind right away. Both the floral fragrance and herbal effects are among the in things now. The monitors are equipped with features such as internal speakers an inbuilt power supply and auto adjustments such as brightness contrast and colour to soothe the eyes Mr.