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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
solution meaning in tamil is சுளுவு, தீர்வு, கரைசல்

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solution tamil meaning and more example for solution will be given in tamil.
The workflow solution is by CCI Europe AS Denmark.The web publishing system is from Escenic AS Norway. The gigantic effort has been taken up pressing for a solution to the problems piled up in the villages for decades. Hu said China actively developed friendly cooperative relations with all countries in 2005 and made endeavours to the solution of major international and regional issues. The ViceChairman of DDA Dinesh Rai said though on the face of it the Authority has not found anything wrong with the design efforts were being made to find a solution amicably since CRRI has made objections to both the initial and the revised design. At the same time New Delhi appears to have successfully conveyed to the visiting President the futility of trying to preserve the unitary character of Sri Lanka in the search for a political solution of the conflict. At a meeting convened by residents welfare associations from the southern suburbs and Exnora International the activists said the permanent solution to the water problem in Chennai and surrounding areas was in protection of the existing water bodies involving the people. There could be a solution through ushering in a system wherein students irrespective of their economic background must necessarily be admitted to the nearest school from their residence. The Government and voluntary organisations should join hands to teach the people the value of human lives and that violence cannot be the solution for anything. Taking this cue Mr.Veeramani said the State Government should appoint a committee of experts to study the difference among various streams of education and come out with a solution such as giving additional marks to students of certain streams.