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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
soldier meaning in tamil is படைவீரர்

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151 Staff Correspondent State funeral for BSF soldier Bidar A Border Security Force soldier from Bidar died while on duty at Siachin glacier on Sunday. The human body goes through certain changes at 21000 ft because there is only partial pressure in oxygen there the soldier starts hyperventilating to take in more oxygen this makes the heart pump faster to deliver more oxygen to the tissues. The soldier faces isolation monotony and separation from his family for fairly long periods... and the fear of the unknown. Not every soldier selected for training may be fit psychologically or physically for a high altitude stint and being able to spot them at an early stage can help the army save time and labour. Jagannath on charges of trespassing into the premises of the Officers Training Academy and also allegedly assaulting a soldier on duty. SALEM PLATE Div I 1200 m rated 20 to 35 Small Soldier Inner City 151 Waterford 61 cd 58.5 A.Velu 1 Everlasting Joy 61 cd 57.5 Shahbuddin 2 Action Zone 54 Shobhan Babu 3 and Ruffian Prince 55 Jagadeesh 4. After six years as an anonymous child soldier in one of the harshest conflicts in Africa Desire officially became a demobilised enfant soldat four months ago 151 one of 3000 children and young men whose future is no longer tied to the rebel armies of Burundi. The Army was hopeful of filling the posts of soldier technical and soldier clerkstore keeper technical by conducting such rallies he said. The low lifespan could be due to the stress of military service but the author of a study that revealed this surprising fact recently believes that the main reason the culture shock associated with the resettlement process after a soldier retires during his early middle age.