solar meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
solar meaning in tamil is சூரியன் சார்ந்த

solar meaning in tamil with example

solar tamil meaning and more example for solar will be given in tamil.
Installed a year ago the solarpowered weather station collects data for every ten minutes on minimum and maximum temperature rainfall wind direction wind speed solar radiation air temperature low and high relative humidity soil temperature at 5 cm 10 cm and 20 cm depth. The solarpowered station installed a year ago collects data for every 10 minutes on minimum and maximum temperature rain wind speed and direction solar radiation air temperature humidity and soil temperature. It already had a 9 KW biomass gasifier used for pumping water and 65 streetlights in two hamlets were powered by solar energy. Hasan has been a Senior Professor and Chairman of the Group on Sun and Solar System Studies at the Institute and VicePresident of the Astronomical Society of India. District Collector A.P.M. Mohammed Hanish who is also the chairman of the District Council for Child Welfare DCCW which runs the park said the whole park would be revamped to create more space and to add live models of more solar and windbased renewable energy devices. The park has equipment working on renewable energy sources like solar thermal wind microhydel biomass and biogas which have been set up in a solar home solar hospital traffic park energy village solar TV kiosk two outdoor kiosks indoor exhibition hall and a bioenergy area. The solar system model that was unveiled measured 21 x 10 and the visual representation of the model is expected to help the students in understanding the subject matter. Principal of the school K.R. Gopalswamy said the wall model of the solar system was dedicated not only to the students but also for the benefit of all.