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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sociology meaning in tamil is சமூகவியல்

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While the Business Studies exam will be held on March 8 the paper on Sociology will be on March 9 Mathematics on March 11 Chemistry on March 17 and Accountancy on March 18. The Department of Sociology of the University of Kerala has formed an outreach organisation called Santhwana to enable students to organise welfare programmes for the aged and the sick. Gowda said he will hand over the charge to the seniormost dean of faculty either V.N. Bhat of the Post Graduate Department of Sociology and or K. Sambandh the intra and intercollegiate Sociology Festival January 23 24 will witness leading colleges from the city participating in numerous events such as Mock UN session Quiz and Newsletter Design. The Sociology Department is organising a film festival on all three days during which films such as Anand Patwardhans War and Peace and Greenpeace Can the climate change its pots will be screened. P.K.B. Nayar former head of Kerala University Sociology Department and currently chairman of the Centre for Gerontological Studies Thiruvananthapuram has been elected president of the Indian Sociological Society based in New Delhi for the next two years. The first meeting of the new committee will be held here in midMarch to discuss the future course of action regarding the nationwide growing crisis of resources in teaching and research in social sciences in general and sociology in particular. While a few CBSE schools in the city offer electives such as History Geography and Sociology either as an option instead of Mathematics or as a sixth subject Chettinad Vidyashram is one of the few that offers Humanities as a comprehensive stream.