societal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
societal meaning in tamil is சமுதாய

societal meaning in tamil with example

societal tamil meaning and more example for societal will be given in tamil.
Besides the universities should broaden the scope of education and science to incorporate societal problems to motivate scientists. Karna said in India 10 per cent of the population comes under the category and so the new policy could go a long way in transforming the societal attitude towards such persons. We have to reverse this trend by changing societal attitudes and community practices and establish a novel tradition of celebrating the birth of girl child he said in his message issued here. They would strive for societal good he said and picked out the blood donation campaigns organised by the cadres for special mention. While genes are an important factor in determining a persons susceptibility to putting on weight the behaviour patterns societal changes and worldwide nutrition transition are driving the obesity epidemic. These activities should not be treated as mere experiments and scientific knowledge it is the application of science and technology for societal transformation. Literary works underwent changes in tune with societal changes noted writer Singamaneni Narayana who presided said. Geetha Ilangovan chairperson Vellore municipality said societal attitudes which expected the girls parents to meet the delivery charges of their daughters besides the demand for dowry were responsible for the aversion among poor families towards girl children. Answering questions from the students he said education and research were being placed at the centrepoint of the Indian societal agenda.