socialism meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
socialism meaning in tamil is பொது உடமை

socialism meaning in tamil with example

socialism tamil meaning and more example for socialism will be given in tamil.
Radhakrishnan said that secularism and socialism were necessary concomitants of democracy and sovereignty. He said one has to study the reasons for the collapse of socialism in the erstwhile Communist block in Russia. He called for the need for a closer study on ideological struggle between various versions of socialism as being professed and practised in the country. His works include novels and poetry and novels on the theme of caste socialism and a couple of plays and childrens books. Balakrishnan said The purpose of education is to create skills knowledge and awareness of glorious heritage and achievements of human civilisation with scientific outlook and commitment to the principals of patriotism secularism socialism and social justice. The future belongs to an Islam with national characteristics much like socialism with national characteristics which will allow Muslims wherever they live to learn to coexist with the social cultural and religious diversity around them. Gone are the days of Nehruvian democratic socialism when cooperative institutions used to be dominant players in rural economies Dr. Raghavan termed as totally absurd the argument by some that Nehrus socialism had spoilt the economy. Failure of the Nehruvian socialism is not the fault of ideology but of implementation... Reforms is the right and the rational thing to do noted writer Gurcharan Das who claims to be the cheer leader for reforms said when the Punjabi version of his book India Unbound was released here.