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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
soap meaning in tamil is சோப்பு, சவர்க்காரம்

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Moreover all the characters have been finely etched and look real says Ram who is playing an affluent powerful and magnetic character in the soap opera. Physically challenged adults are also offered training in weaving mats and making making candles and soap powder. Physically challenged adults are also offered training in weaving mats and making candles and soap powder. Over 250 motorcycles soap cartons and other utilities were recovered from godowns which the mandi functionaries had rented to private companies he said. Fashion parade group dance and Tamil and English oration besides events such as face painting soap carving quiz and photography contests will be conducted. 151 Staff Reporter Course Thiruvananthapuram Gandhi Centre for Rural Development is organising a threeday course on Swadeshi Soap Manufacturing for Febraury 10 onwards. The company has sent Sigma mixer machine noodler machine three roll mill machines Dugler plodder machine hand cakecutting machine and footoperated soap stamping machine. The women were involved in gem cutting soap making tailoring in the centre where a separate residential school was also being run for a group of out of school children. Clean your hands often using either soap and water or waterless alcoholbased hand gels when soap is not available and hands are not visibly soiled to remove potentially infectious materials from your skin and help prevent disease transmission. Given that 80 per cent of a garments energy use is in its laundering ultimately perhaps its not whether you wear natural or synthetic that counts but how good a soap dodger you are.