shrink meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
shrink meaning in tamil is சுருங்கிவிடும், சுருங்கு

shrink meaning in tamil with example

shrink tamil meaning and more example for shrink will be given in tamil.
Shrink in subscribe base Chennai Telephones alone had seen its landline subscriber base shrink by 1.50 lakh in the last couple of years forcing it to offer packages bundling basic telephone mobile and broadband. Used with a Creative webcam GBP27.99 it can shrink the video image or make it full screen and can mail you automatically if it detects movement where the camera is monitoring. The bottles sport a CocaCola shrink sleeve with the image of Aamir the logo of Rang De Basanti and images of the films cast emblazoned on it. Besides there will also be grading lines for potatoes and a shrink wrap unit for other vegetables the Minister said. Quality ensured We ensure that the fabrics neither shrink nor run colour after wash said V. If only more number of technically qualified come forward to start industrial ventures then the waitlist might shrink was the message of the expo. But the HoDs shrink to 174 when the issue comes to the Planning Department which goes by the projects under implementation. So eating fresh rather than processed food particularly processed meat and dairy could immediately shrink your environmental footprint or at least limit your capacity to put the boot in. Indias pool of cricketers would only get bigger while Englands much as I feel sorry to say it could shrink further. Keeping her able company in this Michael CatonJones film is David Morrissey as a shrink who wants to discover how a woman can drive a man to death and manages to get intimate at the same time.